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Through our programs, we aim to bring support, awareness and hope to those dealing with pediatric cancer. 

The Hoban Family Pediatric Cancer Foundation was founded in 2020 to serve children and support families who are impacted by pediatric cancer.  The focus of 2023 is to raise funds to ease the financial burden of day to day life for parents who have a child under-going cancer treatment and support research efforts and novel therapies specific to refractory (tumor that did not respond to initial treatment) and relapsed Neuroblastoma, which is rarely cured. 


Group Running

Community Events

Through our community centered events like triathlons, bike races and fundraisers, we hope to involve others outside of our immediate circles to help expand and advance our mission.

Family in Park



We know what the pediatric cancer journey is like. We've been there. By supporting families going through treatment, we aim to make sure no one walks this road alone.

Science Lab

Treatment Research

Nothing is more devastating than to hear your child's illness has no cure. While we aim to support those going through treatment, we want to work so that no future child has to go through it.

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